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Mission and Values

Our 14-year Mission: Can Yoga Be Free?

In 2008, DoYogaWithMe began with an ambitious idea - can yoga be free for everyone? Since that day, we have evolved and grown significantly, while holding onto that core purpose. As of 2022, over 50% of our content remains free, and it supports hundreds of thousands of people who otherwise would not have access to high quality yoga instruction. Today, DoYogaWithMe is a global community of wonderfully-diverse, like-minded people.

Since 2008, DoYogaWithMe has established itself as a force for accessible, authentic, diverse, community-driven online yoga, featuring a core team and teachers who are approachable, highly skilled and who care deeply about their role and impact on the world.

Accessibility, Generosity and Kindness

As a team, we make decisions based on the fundamental principles and values that yoga was founded on. Our core values include transparency, generosity and kindness, with the goal of making yoga accessible to all and encouraging people to understand what well-being means for them. We feature instructors who are approachable, highly skilled and who care deeply about their impact in our world. We do our best to create opportunities for growth and transformation, while providing the support you need. The quality of our connection with you really matters to us - we want you to feel connected, supported and cared for.

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We Aim For Beauty And Simplicity

Our goal is to create beautiful videos, while making it incredibly easy for you to access our content and find what you need. Our introductory questionnaire helps us suggest content just for you, while you can follow your favorite teachers, create your own collections and check out your history in your Practice Studio. If you’re simply looking for a class, our yoga class filters allow you to search based on style, focus, level, duration and teacher.

Our mobile and TV apps feature the netflix-style ‘swimming lanes’ that create rows of videos based on popular categories, while keeping track of the classes you have done.

Our Business Model

Our business model has social responsibility built into it. Our sustaining members’ monthly or yearly contributions help cover the costs of streaming free videos to those who cannot afford a subscription. We are extremely grateful to those who support us financially and who believe in this mission. We take our responsibility to people and the planet very seriously, while ensuring that our business sustains our employees and their families.

We Like Being Small; We Have No Outside Investors

DoYogaWithMe has two owners, brothers David and Sean Procyshyn. We like to be small enough to provide the attention and community-feel that people appreciate. We care about people and the planet as much as we care about making money. We do not have outside investors, so we always are able to make choices based on our values.

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We Only Support Locally-owned, Eco-friendly Businesses

Of the thousands of businesses that exist (yoga-related or not!), we only support those who have a transparent supply chain, create eco-friendly products and ship without single-use plastics. We recognize the urgency needed to address issues like climate change, environmental toxins and plastic pollutants and we strive to play a positive role.

Of the thousands of potential choices for resorts to host our yoga retreats, we choose those that are small, locally-owned, have a sustainability pledge and are committed to helping the local community. We want to make sure that our money - and your money - is helping the local community and economy.

Our Team

All of our content is created by a close-knit team. We hire people who genuinely live the principles of yoga: people who care about their contribution to the world, who are authentic, generous, and love what they do. It’s why we’ve grown so much over the last fourteen years despite seldom resorting to paid advertising. We now have 1,000+ class videos, 200,000+ registered users and testimonials from people around the world sharing how our site has benefited their lives. All of this by following a simple formula: hire good people, produce exceptional content, and back it up with fast, heart-felt, reliable customer service.

Our Community

We have all of the qualities of a true online community. You can easily spark a conversation on our forum or under a class, our teachers are easily accessible to you, and we feature weekly discussions on important yoga-related topics. We are frequently reaching out to hear from you and learn from you. We want you to drive what content we create.

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If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions or comments, send us an email through our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you.

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