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What Makes Us Different?


1. Free Content

Almost 50% of our content is free, no strings attached, and we continue to post free content.

2. Diversity

In body size and shape, people of color.

3. True to Yoga

We honor what yoga was originally meant to be - honest, generous, community-focused, service-oriented and transformative.

4. Plastic-free Yoga

We have a mission to reduce the embarrassing amount of plastic that the yoga industry is producing.

5. We Like Being Small

Owned by two brothers David and Sean Procyshyn, they like being small enough to provide the attention and community feel that people appreciate, even as the community grows. 

6. Social Purpose

We aren’t a profit-driven corporation, yet we aren’t a nonprofit; somewhere in between. We care about people and the planet while we strive to earn a good living. 

7. We Have No Outside Investors

All investors and stakeholders share our values and are directly involved in contributing to the well being of the business and our community.

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8. Social Media and Ethics

We are aware that some people use social media for manipulative purposes, ultimately harming others. We engage with social media under ethical guidelines, only using it to reach those who truly benefit from our offering. 

9. Content Creation

We create all of our own content, focusing on what helps people live more fully, make it through difficult times and thrive.

10. Our Teachers

All of our instructors are real and approachable, and have joined our mission because they also want to live lightly and have a positive impact.

11. Our Core Team

Every member of our team lives and breathes our core values of sustainability, compassion and honesty.

12. High Quality Instruction

We only feature teachers who excel within their chosen niche and are highly-skilled teachers, both in-person and online.

13. High Quality Video

Our mission is to create stunning video, in gorgeous outdoor locations or warm, welcoming indoor spaces.

14. Our Costs

It is expensive to do what we do and our only source of revenue is you, our community! Support us so we can continue to support our team and make a difference.