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Our goal: to reduce the amount of plastic being produced by the yoga industry by helping you make informed choices when purchasing yoga products.

Many popular yoga companies produce massive amounts of toxic plastic, ship using single-use plastics and engage in overt green washing. The more I have learned, the more I have been saddened and overwhelmed by the stats... and the irony! I mean, inherent in being a yogi is making choices that nurture and protect our fragile planet, isn't it?

Yet many eco-friendly solutions exist. Below, you will learn about the industry's environmental impact and how you can take action. Join me in this campaign to change this trend so we can reduce the amount of harmful plastic flowing into our natural environment!

First, let's consider the numbers...

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Yoga Clothing

  • 83 million items of yoga clothing are bought yearly in the US.
  • 90% of yogis buy clothing made from synthetics.
  • 500,000 tonnes of plastic microfibers are released into waterways globally each year.
  • Microplastics can lead to infections, reproductive problems and starvation in wildlife.

"One yogi wearing polyester shorts and a top, practices 4X/week and washes their clothes after each use releases 374,000 plastic microfibers into the environment each year."

For More Information check out the article: "Be Good to the Planet - The Environmental Impact of Yoga Clothes".

Yoga Mats

  • 36 million yoga mats are purchased globally each year.
  • 48% of mats sold (17 Million) are made from PVC.
  • PVC is the most toxic plastic ever made, containing dioxins, phthalates, lead and cadmium.
  • PVC takes many lifetimes to biodegrade and leaches chemicals into the environment throughout its lifecycle.

For More Information check out the article: "Be Good to the Planet - The Environmental Impact of Yoga Mats".


  • The vast majority of yoga companies ship with single-use plastic packaging.

Plastics are toxic for all marine life, from plankton to large mammals, leaching toxic additives and contaminants, infecting and killing wildlife. 

With 300 million global yoga practitioners, we need options that are best for our fragile planet. Luckily, they exist!

Take Action Today!

Yoga Students

  1. Buy less. Only buy when you need it.
  2. Buy eco-friendly. See the many companies below. 
  3. Challenge others to practice without plastic.  #practicewithoutplastic
  4. Be informed. Ask businesses what their products are made of.
  5. Join the dialogue. Share your favorite products in our forum.

Yoga Studios

  1. Only buy or sell eco-friendly yoga products.
  2. Educate your staff and students.

Yoga Businesses

  1. Stop producing synthetic products.
  2. Ship without plastic packaging.


Yoga Mat

Our List of Eco-Friendly Yoga Companies

The following businesses either solely or primary make eco-friendly yoga products. We have tested many of them and met most of their owners and/or product managers

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